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We offer sales and installation services for at various levels to ensure you get a complete solution at the best value for money. We offer some direct sales and some indirect sales to achieve the most comprehensive set of options in one place for you. Our goal is to provide you with various solutions to ease the process of getting a complete system designed, purchased and installed.

Services include:

Technology Systems Proposal Generation

We offer two levels of service here.

Preferred Provider Quote

Preferred Provider Quote

We quote directly from our “Preferred Providers Network” of local integration companies. We have selected the most effective local integration firms to provide you with complete solutions for your custom bespoke project. In this case we are acting as their direct sales and design consultant. This is the most direct route to getting a proposal for your project completed with no costs up front. We pair the system documentation services to this so that you have the system diagrams for ease of service and ongoing support. No other local integration form is able to offer the level of design and documentation that we provide the local market with which is why it is always included (as applicable) with this service.

Bid Package

Bid Package

We can alternatively prepare a bid package for submission to multiple providers in the local market to get the best competitive bid from for a predesigned solution. We will handle the bid package creation by working with you to develop the Scope Of Works and a general budget consideration for your project. Once the general scope and general design have been defined, we will do a Concept Drawing and a Line Drawing to illustrate the system design as well as a Scope Of Work Summary and a Budget Level Proposal. We will also handle the dispersement of the bid package to multiple local integration firms on your behalf. Once the bids come back in, we will review with you to assist in selecting the most effective provider(s) for your project. This service ensures the that you are getting a competitive “apples to apples” bid, at the most competitive pricing from multiple local vendors for your project. We partner to this service further system documentation as well as project management so that you can rest assured that the system is fully documented by CLV and installed to spec by the winning bidder with our oversight to the whole project.

Infrastructure Solutions

This is one of our core offerings. We offer direct sales for conduit and other rough-in materials, bulk wire fill as well as final trim out terminations to wall points and “head end” locations. We offer a complete turn key service here so a home or light commercial space is install ready for the installation of connected technology systems at a later date by others. We can offer you rack solutions for centralized hardware as well. We aim to “future prepare” (we don’t believe in the term “future proof”… call and ask us why!) the property for fitting of the most common of today’s technologies with a view of the future tech landscape in mind. This service is aimed to assist builders and home owners alike in preparing a home or office space for technology coming in at a later date.

Network and Wi-Fi Solutions

We directly offer several levels of products to suit our client’s needs for network and Wi-Fi solutions. These range from simple retro-fit options that can provide parental controls and expanded Wi-Fi coverage for your property to full enterprise grade solutions for more advanced residential or light commercial applications. In today’s world the network is just as important as the AC and similar standard inclusions to a build project but is often overlooked or addressed too late in the game to achieve the ideal solution. We offer UPS options as well to ensure the network remains up and running during short power outages and that it shuts down and restarts properly during extended outages.

IP Power Management Solutions

With the view that you want to protect your hardware and that simple reboots are the most common fix to technology issues, we aim to install solutions that will allow for remote service work of this type. These solutions will enable us (and you!) to remotely resolve the most common issues that arise in today’s common technology systems. We provide an app for direct user control which also features an “on-site service request” entry form as well as a phone number for direct communication to our service department. This solution is ideal for those who don’t want to crawl behind cabinets or pull TVs off a wall to access power outlets. It also enables a customer to have some direct control for servicing their system for simple fixes themselves should they choose to do so or an option to contact us easily to request further service should it be required. Additionally it provides a level of surge protection and power conditioning which helps to protect sensitive and expensive hardware purchases from all too common power fluctuations.


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